Mr.IP 1.23

Mr.IP version 1.23 NEW !
Mr.IP is an ip app that docks on top of your taskbar
and displays your internet ip.
1. Silent mode
2. Dock
3. Auto start

Whether you run a server,
or connect to your home pc,
or just lookup your ip,
MrIP will tell you, just what you need to know.

Update 1.23 :
- Faster display.
- include local IP in notify email
- include the correct version number in email

Update 1.22 :
Minor changes :
- launch Help from Options

Update 1.2 :
Proxy Support.
Displays your internet IP when connected via proxy.

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'Mr.IP - simple, small and effective freeware that not only displays your current IP address,
but it also monitors it and notifies you through e-mail whenever the IP is changed'